6 Reasons Why Your Local Library Rocks

6 Reasons Why Your Local Library Rocks by Musings of a Museum Fanatic

One of my favorite places to go throughout my entire life has been my local library. Since my mom worked in libraries for most of my life I grew up almost living in them I'd spend so much time there. With everything being digital these days libraries have moved to the back burner for many people. Well they're missing out! Libraries totally rock and are a wealth of resources, many of which can be free. 

1. Free books, DVDs & CDs
This is the biggest and most obvious draw of why your library is amazing. Who wants to spend thousands of dollars on books and stuff that you're only going to read or watch once? Not this girl. Plus you can try out a new author without the commitment!

Another awesome bandwagon that many libraries have jumped on has be the e-book trend. For many years now lots of libraries offer e-books to their patrons. Most libraries you get the download for a certain amount of time but like their physical books it's all free to patrons.

2. Learn something new 
This sort of goes along with the first one. Want to try out some of those new recipes in your favorite chefs new cookbook but don't think you want all of them? That's where the library comes in handy! You can learn almost anything through your library. Check out a book about coding or how to make origami.

3. They have the resources
This is a big one for me and my job. Many libraries subscribe to resources that are then free to patrons. These can include online newspaper databases to technology websites. I found out recently that the library my mom used to work for you can access websites like Lynda.com, which is awesome website with TONS of  instructional videos for everything from Photoshop to writing. How awesome that you don't have to pay for something like that but can use it at any time?!

We're not just talking about digital resources either. Many have all sorts of physical resources you're able to use. You can now use their recording studios or make something on the 3-D printer they just hooked up. I've even heard of some setting up maker spaces. 

4. They have space
Many libraries have space for you to camp out and work on your own projects. This is perfect. You don't have to pay for the space or get the stink eye from the barista when you haven't ordered a coffee in four hours. Many have spaces for you to be able to work with a small group. Some even have larger spaces you can meet with larger groups. I know my local library will allow community groups to book their community room at no cost. 

5. Genealogy resources
Sometimes the local library is the place to go in your community for genealogical materials and help. There are some libraries that are the keepers of historical documents like all of the town's newspapers. Some libraries even have specific dedicated genealogy librarians. This would be a great resource if you're just starting out and not sure how to start off. They can definitely help you out and get you started down a good path.

6. Free programs
I'm not sure if you've noticed a pattern by this point but the library has so many awesome things that you can use for free. Another perk is the programming that they offer. I know that some don't offer much but you could have one that offers a TON of free programming. Right now Kevin and I live in a community that has a smaller library but they still offer plenty of programs like a knitting circle, book discussions and programs about travel to name just a couple. 

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