5 Tips to Make Your Mornings Better

Mornings can be especially tough for some of us. I'm actually a morning person, I'd much rather get up and get going then just sleep in. Even with that going for me it can be so incredibly difficult to get going in the morning when you've got to go to work. I've been trying some new things to make my mornings and here are a few that I've discovered can be especially helpful. 

1. Set out clothes
This is such a no brainer and almost every real adult does this I feel like. So I'm not sure why I wasn't doing it already. This alone has made such a difference. No more standing in front of my closet pondering which top to wear and such. Nope that decision was made in 5 minutes the night before. 

2. Meal prep

This is one that I cannot get Kevin to adopt for anything but I know it's helped me so much. Even if it's just putting my carrots in a container so I can just toss them in my lunch bag. Having something ready to go means you can spend more time getting ready or catching a few extra zzz's.

3.  Pare down your primping
I'll admit there are a lot of days that I run out the door without makeup. I don't work in a position that it's imperative that I look fabulous every day, most days I end up with dust or other smudges on my hands and face. If you have a position where you don't have to go with a full face then pare it down. Plus you'll probably end up saving more by using less products. 

4. Don't pick up the phone
This is one I'm really bad at. When I wake up I put on Pandora right away and do a little 5 minutes on the email. I will say even though I'm bad about picking up the phone right away I don't let myself get sucked in. One of my goals is to just turn on Pandora and not open up any other apps before work. 

5. Stretch
Since Kevin started having back issues a few years ago he's added about 10 minutes of stretching in the morning. I join him sometimes and usually feel pretty good after. Most weekday mornings it's tough to fit that in since I don't leave really any extra time but I'd like to work on that.  

What do you do that makes your mornings better?

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