10 Good Things That Happened in January

I know that I've already shared how 2018 is going to be our year of organizing but I'm also going to work on myself in other areas as well. The past couple of years I haven't been as nice to myself mentally as I could be and I've let myself get down and stay down too often. This year I'm focusing on the good to keep myself happy and keep things in perspective. I know in the past I've shared happenings and good things but I'm going to try and do it once a month to give myself a moment to reflect on how awesome the month really was!

1. I've been working on an exhibit for about seven months now and I finally finished it! Although we did get more from the donor that will have to be included in the exhibit so it's not totally done. It's super awesome though. This exhibit really pushed me past what I'm already good at and made me learn a number of new things like the amount of design work I did for it was more than anything I've ever done. I scanned those images from historical documents and created those collage pieces (among like 50 others). I created them and they look amazing! I created an push button interactive where you can flip through a bible from the 1860s too. It's nothing super high tech but my museum has never had anything like that before and I've never created one before.

2. The weather this past month was pretty amazing for this time of year in Chicago. As someone who hates driving in the snow having what I can only recall as being like 3/4 of the month over 35 degrees it was amazing.

3. For Christmas this year we gave my mom the Christmas present of family portraits taken by her third unbiological daughter, Becky. We took advantage of the first Saturday in January to actually take them at the Wilder Conservatory. It was definitely interesting getting two kids 3 and under to take a good photo all at once but we think we got some!

4. I got to spend my President's day museuming and meeting up with some fabulous ladies. Yes I work at a museum and spend my days off at museums. I am that big of a museum nerd ... although I'm sure you've realized that by now haha. Not only did I visit museums I did a whirlwind through the Field Museum and the Adler Planetarium. Since it was a free day and a day off school I knew it would be crazy so I wanted to get my photos for future posts and not get swept up in the crazy.

5. We had our yearly family get together with Kevin's parents, aunt, uncle and cousins. This year Kevin's brother and wife were in town and able to join us. It was a fun evening. We even tried out a Pinterest hack. You can burn a crayon as a light for about half an hour. Although it will burn through the paper plates you put it on! We might have burned a hole into Rennae's table cloth ...

6. Kevin and I enjoyed bowling and lunch at one of our favorite places with his friend Niraj and his wife Amisha. It was lots of fun. My scores were terrible but it was lots of fun. Plus getting to share our favorite place to get sushi was fun.

7. Becky knows I really enjoy puzzles so decided to give me one for Christmas. Not only did she get me a puzzle she got me a 1500 piece Disney villains puzzle. 1500 pieces! She said she got the one with the most pieces because she loves me the most. Working on it maybe 30-60 minutes a day it took me two weeks to finish. I finished it though without any help from Kevin.

8. This past month has been a month full of Oreos. I've shared on Instagram my break crew's obsession with Oreos but we've definitely taken it to the next level. We're starting to branch out into other items that have Oreos incorporated and as part of them. We enjoyed Oreo churros and Valentine's Day Oreo heart doughnuts along with the two new Oreo flavors. It's been a good Oreo month.

9. I kicked off Chicago Restaurant Week with brunch with one of my best friends, her sister and some of their other friends at Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba. I've only ever enjoyed dinner there so it was fun to get a taste of their brunch menu. Plus you can never go wrong with going during restaurant week when you can taste more for one lovely price.

10. My niece Elowen turned one January 13! The past couple of years the days seem to go slow but the years are flying by. I can't believe how much she has changed in the past year. That cute little face, I could squish her cheeks all day. Now that she's almost ready to walk and is starting to make sounds that sound more like words I know things will definitely get more interesting, especially for her big brother!

What good things happened with you this month??

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