Year of Organizing: Monthly Update 1

Today is the last day of January already! I've decided to do a monthly accountability post for our year of organizing. I'm hoping it will help me to keep going and get stuff accomplished since I need to share every month.

Kevin and I kicked off the year of organizing and the month really strong. We started by tackling the closet. Taking each day and tackling a chunk of the closet allowed us to get it accomplished and looking fantastic. I broke it up into the hanging clothes, my shoes, other stuff on the floor and stuff on the shelf. This really helped!

Between the two of us we definitely had quite a bit that we just don't wear, doesn't fit and we just don't like anymore. It was a great feeling to get it out of the house!

The rest of the month we tackled our different dressers. This went OK. We totally kicked butt on the drawers themselves. Totally KonMari-ed the heck out of them too. Doesn't it just look gorgeous? 

The tops of the dressers didn't go quite as well. There are some small things that I'm just not sure what their permanent home is yet. I was able to take care of some items but didn't quite get those tops as clean as I would have liked. 

So overall Kevin and I are feeling pretty good about our first month! Bring on February & month two!

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