A couple weeks ago Stephanie shared the firsts in her life and challenged everyone to share theirs. It definitely took some thinking on some of them but it was fun to go down memory lane plus getting to share some of the photos I've been scanning. Here are mine! I'd love to see your firsts too.

What was your first word? 
 I checked with my mom but she doesn't remember. I'm sure it was like most kids "no" or "mom"

Do you still talk to your first love? 
Yes, every day when he wakes me up in the morning and many more times throughout the day.

What was your first alcoholic drink? 
Well it was technically wine since I started taking communion in junior high. For a real actual drink where I drank a normal sized drink was champagne at new years. My parents actually let me have an entire glass one year in high school.

What was your first job? 
My first real job was being a summer shelver at the Naperville Public Libraries. I did it for a number of summers and breaks during college and after.

First pet? 
Champ. He was the family dog. My brother had turtles and tree frogs when we were really little.

What was your first car?
While I had to borrow my Mom's car during high school when I hit junior year of college I got a Chevy Prizm.

Who was the first person to text you today? 
My mom. Since she wakes up early we tend to text pretty early : )

Who was the first person you thought of this morning? 
Kevin and how his butt was on my side of the bed

Who was your first grade teacher? 
Ms. Hanaman ... I think that's how you spell her name.

Where did you go on your first ride on an airplane? 
That is a good question.

Who was your first best friend and do you still talk? 
Rachel! Our parents go way back, they're my godparents and my parents are hers. We definitely still talk although not as much as we should.

Where was your first sleep over? 
I'm assuming it was my Grandma's house. My brother and I used to spend a couple of weeks there every summer growing up. It was fantastic.

What was the first concert you ever went to? 
My first concert was Jars of Clay in high school.

What was your first broken bone? 
I've never had a broken bone. I did have a trampoline tramp on my toe when I was in grade school and almost break it but nothing actually broken.

What was your first piercing? 
I have three sets of holes in my ears. I got the first one when I was seven. My mom and I got our ears pierced together!

What was the first foreign country you've gone to?
After my senior year of high school I went on a school trip to England and France. The first week was spent in London!

What was the first movie you remember seeing?
I can remember seeing the Star Wars trilogy when I was really young. We taped all three episodes at some point, Lou and I would watch them very often. Also I loved Disney just as much back then so I'm sure one of those was a pretty early movie as well.

When was your first detention? 
I've never had a detention!

Who was your first roommate? 
Laura freshman year of college

What was the first sport you were involved in? 
I took ballet class when I was really little. I remember being a dancing flute in the Nutcracker. 

What is the first thing you do when you get home? 
Take of my rings & shoes, turn on my computer and relax.

When was your first kiss? 
Mike sophomore year of college in the stairwell of my dorm. I can remember it pretty vividly. Yes my life up until that point was Never Been Kissed!

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