Do People Actually Buy This? Vol. 2

So I've decided that there is just too much crazy out there not to share on a regular basis. I thought it might just be a one time thing, maybe twice but I've been finding so much crazy that I'll need to share it again and again. There was so much the past two months with the holidays that it can't be contained in one single post. I want to know who actually buys this?

This guy actually made it to the clearance section and I was really tempted to buy it as a gift for someone. I wasn't sure who but someone should be gifted him.

I'm not sure what it is about pom poms. I just have this thing like some people have with the word "moist" *shudders*

These wouldn't be so bad for my niece but I'm not sure if an adult should be wearing them. Maybe if they were a cute pair of heels but the whole gems and tennis shoes thing isn't doing it for me.

I actually don't mind the whole adult onsie sleeper trend. They all seem so cozy and fun but every now and then one makes it through that raises an eyebrow. I would deem this odd shark one a multiple eyebrow raiser.

This top had many little metallic ribbons all over it. I just don't see anyone wearing something like this, even the older lady audience that they were going for.

Gold shoes always remind me of flag corps in high school. There was this judge who always had gold tennis shoes, she was the mean judge. We found out sometime in college that she was caught embezzling money from the company!

Rachel was happy enough to oblige in the wearing of this sweater. It started out probably half the size you see here. It was also itchy as hell. Rachel now understands what it's like to be a wookie

Compared to so many this one isn't terrible but I feel like the hood part just moves it more towards the ridiculous. 
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