Beacon Tavern

**I connected with The Gage group and asked to work with them. I our meal in exchange for a post. All views are my own and Kevin's**

During our long staycation Christmas weekend Kevin and I got the opportunity to enjoy one of River North's hidden gem restaurants, Beacon Tavern.Nestled behind the Wrigley Building just along the river it's pretty easy to miss this place but you definitely should make a point to stop in. 

We ended up going for brunch (technically lunch since it was noon!) on the Saturday December 23 we were downtown. Since we had been wandering around with all the crazy Christmas shoppers it was like we stepped into a whole new world. While technically in the thick of things right off Michigan since it's set back behind the Wrigley Building once you get close the hustle and bustle really dies down. After almost having to beat through people with a stick on State Street this was a welcome change of pace. 

I love the atmosphere of Beacon Tavern. It's casual but yet not sweats and grungy sneakers casual. With all the holiday decorations everything felt festive and warm. This might seem silly but I love a restaurant with good booths, when they're large and make you feel all cozy. The booths at Beacon Tavern were definitely right up my alley.

Being that we were going to be enjoying our meal at lunch time food wise I was definitely looking for lunch staples but decided to go classic brunch with my drink. I opted for my favorite, a mimosa. They took it up a notch with several juice options so I went for the grapefruit. Absolutely loved that it came in a champagne coupe (totally had to look that up!), it felt very 1920s glam to me. 

Kevin and I had to go all out and try one of the delicious sounding appetizers. Both of us love a good crab dip so we went with the Peekytoe Crab Dip. I really enjoyed the dip a lot. So when I read the description I was not actually thinking they meant crab potato chips but was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked the extra crab flavor with the dip. I totally could have used some extra chips or a few crostini to get the last bit of the dip. My fries worked pretty well.

While I'm a hardcore lunch person when it hits noon Kevin will eat breakfast whenever and wherever. He decided to go for the JCVD which included raclette cheese, country ham, fried egg, tomato, mornay sauce. When we asked the waiter about it he said it was like a grilled cheese and biscuits and gravy got together and made this dish. Kevin was definitely sold at this point. When it came out though holy cow!!! We were not expecting the tower of ooey gooey goodness that appeared. It was massive! Impressively enough Kevin actually finished it and loved every bite.

I enjoyed the Grilled Chicken with pancetta, chips, lettuce and, buttermilk dressing along with a side of fries. The sandwich was great. I love the pancetta and dressing both added wonderful flavors to a dish that can go the way of ordinary. The cook on the chicken was perfect. Totally moist and no dryness like some chicken sandwiches can get. The fries were the icing on my dish, some were perfectly crispy and some slightly soft, it was the best of both worlds.

Since by this point we were definitely full we weren't able to enjoy dessert in the restaurant but we realized that part of the dessert menu was for enjoying in the restaurant or at home. We definitely jumped on the at home part deciding on the macrons. When the staff was informed of Kevin's pistachio allergy they made extra sure that none of that flavor came into contact with the chocolate and chocolate banana macrons they sent us home with. We enjoyed those later on in the weekend. 

Beacon Tavern is a wonderful hidden gem of a restaurant right off Michigan avenue. With a great staff and a welcoming owner

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