5 Ways to Keep Your Healthy Resolutions With Pampered Chef

It can be tough to keep those healthy resolutions once the shine of the Christmas season has passed and we're well into the cold of winter. Pampered Chef has a number of products that will help you keep those healthy resolutions and kick butt doing it.

Drink more water
For me I'm totally fine chugging some nice cold water but some people have a hard time enjoying plain water. If that's tough for your or even if you're bored of just drinking plain water all the time I would highly suggest infusing it with fresh fruit. Pampered Chef can help you with this for just you or a crowd with the Infusion Water Bottle and the Quick-Stir Pitchers. I keep one Infusion Water Bottle on my desk at work because of it's size I can fill it twice in a day and get lots of water intake.

Healthy swaps
When you and your husband are meat, potatoes and pasta people healthier swaps can be a little rough sometimes. We've made a point to enjoy veggie noodles instead of pasta more often. To help with this swap I use the Veggie Spiralizer. I really like using it to make zucchini pasta, best part is you can make linguine and spaghetti noodles to keep things fun.

If you're not someone who can totally give up meat then switching to leaner proteins is the way to go. With leaner proteins you want to make sure to up your flavor game. Recipes like Turkey Taco Sliders give you the flavor and fun with a healthy meat swap. What are some of your favorite swaps?

Eat healthier meals at home
Eating at home is the best way to make sure you're getting the right nutrients as well as watching the calories and what the ingredients to a meal are. Cooking at home can sometimes be rough going, you use up too many pots or you're always in a rush. The Deep Covered Baker is a favorite in our house. I toss anything and everything in our Deep Covered Baker to make cooking quicker. We love cooking our sweet potatoes this way, only takes about 11 minutes in the microwave!

There are tons of fantastic dinner recipes that can completed in the Deep Covered Baker as well. The Beef & Broccoli is a new house favorite. Plus with using less beef and broccoli in the meatball it's a great swap too.

Our other favorite tool to make wonderful meals at home is the Rockcrok. For those who are always in a hurry or just want to cut back on the clutter in their kitchen this is the perfect pot for them. It can do anything and pretty much everything, you're able to use it in the microwave, on the stove, oven, under the broiler and on the grill. Plus it's freezer and dishwasher safe. With tools like these cooking at home is a snap.

Use herbs not salt
Salt is something that we use very sparingly in our house. We prefer to use herbs as often as possible. Fresh herbs like parsley and cilantro are usually pretty cheap and pack a punch. Prepping herbs can sometimes get annoying especially when you get a little OCD like me. The Herb Mill makes prep super easy! I get my nice even cut in half the time and there is no extra clean up since the entire thing can go in the dish washer.

Enjoy your vegetables more
Sometimes it can be tough even for people who love veggies to get enough in each day. We love to enjoy steamed frozen vegetables. Since they're frozen when freshest and when you steam you don't add any extra calories this is a great way to get vegetables in. Kevin and I both break out the Small Micro Cooker when we steam our froze veggies. You can cook, drain and serve all in this one tool. 

The Measure, Mix & Pour makes it easy to make your own calorie friendly dressing. I'm of the mindset that I enjoy having dressing with my salad so I'm not going to give that up. Instead I work to find waist friendly alternatives. If you don't want to go searching for recipes there are several conveniently located on the base.   

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