5 Tips For An Amazing Movie Night

5 Tips to have an amazing movie night from Musings of a Museum Fanatic

Being that the temperatures have been below zero lately in the Chicago area Kevin and I have made a point to hunker down and enjoy relaxing, warm evenings at home instead of going out. This doesn't mean we haven't had fun. We've decided to have some amazing movie nights, this year we even had a great movie night new year's eve. Here are five tips to help you take your movie night to the next level this winter or whenever! What would you do for an amazing movie night in?

Pick the Perfect Movie
There are some movies that are just perfect for a movie night in and there are some that aren't. Be sure to pick the right movie so it makes it an enjoyable evening not one that leaves you annoyed with your significant other or friends for picking this movie. To ensure that happens take some time and figure out something everyone would enjoy. Whether it's stopping at the Redbox or library to pick one up, watching one of your favorites that you already own or buying a new favorite.

Make it a marathon not a sprint
Maybe you just want to watch one movie but if you're looking to really step it up a notch make it into a marathon. Let's say you want to watch all the Harry Potter movies you can make it into a day long or weekend long marathon. I would highly recommend this especially on weekends where the temperature gets to below 0!

Ambiance is everything
It's all well and good just to plunk yourselves down on the couch and watch a movie. To take it up a notch you need to make sure you've got some wonderful ambiance. Make sure that the lighting is good, don't leave on the bright overhead lights maybe just one if it's needed.

Make things comfy too. Maybe that's getting into your pajamas already. You could also pull out a bunch of pillows and make yourself a little nest. If you really want to take it to the next level and are able to pull out your mattress and pillows for a comfy nest. Won't lie Becky and I used to do this on the regular in college sorta old school sleepover style it was so much fun!

Take the Food up a Notch
For our new years eve I stocked up early on the fixings to make a crab and shrimp boil at home. This time of year seafood is definitely a splurge in the Midwest. Maybe you're not a seafood person there are plenty of other ideas. Make something special or order from your favorite take out place. If it were me I'd go for broke and do a ice cream sundae bar! Maybe you're all about the popcorn instead of actual food. Jazz it up with some melted butter or toss in some M&Ms when it's still warm. 

Theme it up
I don't know about anyone else but I love a good theme. You can have the theme run through everything during your movie night. Take the Harry Potter marathon again. Don't just do dinner and a movie. Deck yourselves out in Harry Potter robes and each of you in your respective house's colors. Make Harry Potter themed treats like Butter Beer drinks or Treacle Tart. I would love to do a Bill & Ted 90s themed night some time it would be so much fun!

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