2018 the year of Organizing

2018 is going to be my year of organizing here at Musings of a Museum Fanatic. What will your 2018 bring?

Lately Kevin and I have felt like we've been so busy that things around us have become so disorganized. Both digitally, physically and the worst part about it is that when things are this disorganized it makes it very stressful and makes for disorganization mentally. Kevin and I have made the decision that 2018 is going to be our year of organization. 

After we decided this I sat down and started planning. I have literally planned out each week now through the end of the year with projects for us to accomplish. We will be breaking down our condo and other spaces, like the storage room, into chunks that can be accomplished each week. 

The plan is not only to organize but with it deep clean and purge as well. Kevin and I have sat down and really planned and set up rules. Like we have to accomplish at least what is on the schedule for that week, if we're able to get another chunk done because nothing else is going on that's great. 

The plan is also to work through our digital messes as well. Since that will take longer our plan is to spend an hour to two hours per week dealing with that organization. Not just one part of the digital mess I'm talking about photo, documents and music files. I know that this part of the year of organization will definitely take a lot of time but it needs to be done. 

Now to kick off 2018 starting with our bedroom closet! Wish us luck! 

What are you planning to accomplish in 2018? Any big plans?

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