8 Things I'm #SorryNotSorry About

One thing I always joke about it the fact that I have that good old Lutheran guilt. It's true sometimes I feel so guilty over certain things, like someone I like not getting invited to a lunch out when I wasn't even the one doing the inviting. It drives people in my life crazy. While I am working on certain aspects of that guilt there are some things that I will always says sorry NOT sorry for!

Sorry not sorry ...

... that I will belt 80s music at the top of my lungs and dance like a maniac when it comes on no matter where I am

... about how much I love Disney

... that I will show everyone the newest picture of my niece

... when it's snowing out and I'm in the right lane (not on a highway) going 25-30

... that I will totally judge stores who carry some crazy stuff that I'm pretty sure no one is buying

... when I have the last of the ice cream from the container without asking

... that sometimes I'm really busy and I don't respond to an email or a text right away

... that I don't have time to put on make up most mornings

... sometimes my leadership abilities sometimes take over.

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