6 Tips and Tricks for Organizing Your Blog

Blog need some more organization? Check out these 6 tips that I use to keep mine more #organized. from Musings of a Museum Fanatic

I have been continuing my long and seemingly never ending saga of organizing myself and this blog. I think everyone, Kevin included, might be so sick of my talking about and working on said organizing but I've come to realize that being organized in the blog world and life make things soooooo much easier! Since I've been continuing my saga here are some more random tips that I've been discovering really do help.

Work ahead
I have shared how I've been working ahead and using my Erin Condren planner before but this concept is just so key. This past week I decided to work ahead not just today and tomorrow but this day next week. Work ahead a month and make sure you've contacted your sponsors and gotten their information so you can have most of your tweets ready to go, just waiting for their links or have their info for a giveaway all ready to go a week and a half before.

Write it down
I always tend to have some sort of scrap paper or little notepad with me. If I didn't write things down I wouldn't remember anything ... from the random thing I remembered we just ran out of to the really amazing blog post idea. Going a step further with my working ahead and writing down I have been making drafts of my next posts to write and doing bullet points of what I want to discuss, adding photo, video or Pinterest links. It really helps to get some ideas down early and you can go back and flesh out a couple points at a time or sit down again all at once.

Blog email
Making yourself a blog email is oh so helpful. I have a personal one, Pampered Chef one and blog email. It makes things so much easier to sort and keep track of when it's not all mixed in together.

Email Folders
This one isn't just for your blog email trust me. I have probably 30 different folders for various things that are going on in life, from "Family" to "Photos". Folders are a great way to save an item you need to come back to in the future but it won't clutter up your inbox. The key here is when you're totally finished with and don't need the email or the information anymore is to delete it completely from your email. Otherwise you might end up with 3,000 emails in your "Recipe" folder like I did!

This is probably something that most people wouldn't even think to do. I ask other bloggers, people in online forums, Kevin, my parents, the IT guy at work. There are tons of people you know and connect with on a regular basis who can help you with whatever random thing you're working on. I have just emailed or commented to so many bloggers asking questions and you know what they are usually so willing to help and answer them. I bug Stephanie all the time with random questions about how do you do this or where is this on Gmail. Most people are pretty technologically savvy and you just never know what they might be able to help you with

Google It
Lastly if all else fails just head to the internet and just search! I have Googled so many different things lately, from how to do a certain task on my museum database to how to make a GIF. Guess what? I've come up with answers to pretty much all of the questions too! It's amazing what people share out there and you might just learn even more about your search by simply Googling it.

Have you learned any new blogging organization tips lately? Like I said you just need to ask right ; )

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  1. And you know I'm happy to help! I love to talk organization and gmail tips all day long ;)

  2. that's what i hate about gmail if you put things in a folder and then delete your trash or something then they are gone. sucks. but i do enjoy having all my emails coming to one email b/c i enjoy seeing 25 or how ever amount of emails i have. lately its a lot and its mostly responses from other bloggers.

    It would rock my socks off if you'd join the blog challenge. should be fun. http://hotpinkowl02.blogspot.com/2014/02/blog-challenge.html

  3. Do you feel like your Erin Condren planner is really that much better than a regular planner? IE is the price justified? x

  4. Writing stuff in advance is key for me as well. When I try and write the posts the night before I feel like its not my best work. Great tips!

    1. I'm still working on getting more ahead with my posts but it definitely feels good when I'm not rushing it the hour before haha. I'm working on my posts for this week tomorrow morning : )

  5. Great tips! I need to get better at having things ready ahead of schedule:)