6 Gifts for the Person Who Hates Stuff

Gift giving can be a piece of cake for some people, you see something and instantly you know they would love it and need it. Not everyone is like that unfortunately. We all have that person in our lives that doesn't need any stuff or doesn't want more stuff in their lives. These people are so stinking hard to find a good gift for it's ridiculous. I've got 5 sure fire gifts for the person in your life who hates stuff.

Since becoming more of adult this has become my favorite gift for people for any occasion! It can be anything you can think of and sometimes I've even combined it with other items on this list. One example was last year we gave my sister in law Bethany (and technically Louie by association) the gift of an evening out with each while Kevin and I babysat along with some cash from us to go towards dinner.

For a wedding gift one of my friends gave us gift certificates to Broadway in Chicago. Kevin and I had developed an enjoyment for seeing shows together so this was perfect for us. It was something memorable that we got to enjoy together. Keep the idea of giving memories in mind with this gift!

I am a huge fan of the food gift. I love making treats for coworkers for Christmas! To me it's not only something that won't clutter up their house but since you take time to make the gift it's extra special. Giving something consumable doesn't end at food though.

Think about what's something this person uses all the time and would love to get more of? I know for Stephanie that's a certain scent of the 3 wick candles at Bath & Body Works. The past couple of years I've made sure to include at least one as part of her birthday/Christmas gifts since I know she enjoys the scent so much and it only comes out once a year.

The necessities 
This sort of goes along with consumables.I'm actually planning on telling the parents this year some suggestions for stocking stuffers for us. Things like Aveeno and the gum flavors Kevin loves to always have on hand. Since we go through these items quickly and use them all the time it would be awesome to get them as part of our present.

Maybe you're right out of college in your first place on your own. There isn't any shame in asking for some of the super fancy super soft toilet paper for part of your Christmas gift, that stuff isn't cheap!!

This might be more of a girl thing but this is a fantastic gift! I gave my best friend Jackie an afternoon of getting pedicures for her birthday this spring. It took us until July to actually get together and accomplished but we did it and it was fabulous. Treat your BFF or mom to manis, pedis and a nice afternoon hang out. With everyone so busy during the holidays it might be even better after the holidays since you both can unwind and catch up. Plus I'm not sure about anyone else's toes but mine always need the TLC in winter.

Give towards something
From 2015 through May of 2016 I earned money and asked for gift certificates to save up for my amazing 8 hour spa day. I made sure to let both my family and Kevin's know that I was saving up for this extravagant day. They were more than happy to contribute as their Christmas and birthday gifts that year since they knew I really wanted it and it was a big splurge for me.

Maybe your cousin who you always exchange gifts with is working on saving up for a big trip the next spring. Check to see if they've already booked the hotel or flight and see if you can give them a gift card to help with that cost.

Maybe they don't want stuff but I bet there is something in their life that can be made into a donation. Do they love pets? Maybe there is a shelter they donate to regularly that you could donate to in their name. Maybe someone close to them has had breast cancer and that's close to their heart. Donate to their charity of choice relating to that. This is a gift that gives twice!

Do you have anyone in your life that hates stuff? What do you give them as a gift?

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