5 Must Follow Tips For Your To-Do List

Take your to do list to the next level with these 5 easy tips! from Musings of a Museum Fanatic #organize

With 2018 just a couple of days away I know it's on most people's lists to get lots accomplished in the new year. I know I've definitely got plenty I want to accomplish! I know that one of my secret weapons is my daily to do list. Without this I would definitely be lost and probably not get half as much done as I do! I find it hard to accomplish my list sometimes when that happens I try to use these must follow tips for getting your to-do list accomplished.

Make one list
I used to keep multiple lists for different subjects but that ended up being too difficult. Then you have to go back and look at multiple lists, you might loose one list. It's much easier to just keep one list! I will say I do usually keep a to do list at work and a personal one. Since my job list is very separate from my personal one they are their own thing. The work list stays at work and is only applicable while I'm at work. Say you're a full time blogger who works from home throughout the day your work and personal lists will probably one large one.

Write it down as you think of it

I'm not a fan of writing things in order or priority. I probably didn't think of things to add to the list in order of priority, I thought of it when I remembered it. Trying to list everything in priority order might end up with large gaps and weird formatting. So I keep it simple and just write it in order of when I think of it. I've mentioned before that I always have a little notebook with me for blog ideas but I also use it to keep my to do list. 

Cross of the simple ones first

This might seem silly to say but I know that I'm actually really guilty of this one. I'll let something like reply to a certain email sit on that list for days, maybe even longer because for whatever silly reason I'm just not into it. When in reality it would take 2 minutes and it would be crossed off the list! Pick out those 10 minute or less tasks and just get them crossed off the list. You'll feel more productive and better about yourself if you do.

Keep the list in view and check back regularly

This one is a huge one for me. If I don't see it then it usually doesn't exist. Doesn't help me if my little notebook stays in my purse once I'm home does it? Nope it doesn't. Break that baby out once you're home and make sure to refer back to it. Maybe you didn't take the time earlier to cross off those easy tasks, take a few minutes and do that when you check it the third time.

Realizing your limitations 

There are only so many hours in a day and you can only do so much. Don't beat yourself up when you don't get everything crossed off in a single day. Just add those items to your new list and move on.

What is your tip for getting that to-do list taken care of each day?

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