100 Resolutions for 2018

It's crazy to think that 2018 is just 9 days away! It's time to make those new resolutions and ring in the new year with a bang. I know it's tough to think of good resolutions year after year so Stephanie and I are teaming up to give you 100 right off the bat. Some of these are definitely on my list! Check out Stephanie's recommendations.

1. Visit a new museum

2. Start a new hobby

3. Drink more water

4. Move more

5. Bring lunch to work more often

6. Learn something new like glass blowing or yoga

7. Go to bed earlier

8. Do something kind for someone each day

9. Send snail mail letters to the awesome people in your life

10. Eat more fruits and veggies

11. Don't dwell on things

12. Learn how to knit

13. Stop complaining so much

14. Set a goal or two

15. Learn how to code or at least some of the basics

16. Work on being early to places instead of being late

17. Don't eat out or order take out so much

18. Create a bucket list or 101 in 1001 list

19. Start a side hustle to earn some extra money

20. Organize and delete your emails

21. Worry less

22. Leave the job you hate

23. Give in and eat the over the top dessert once and a while

24. Donate to your favorite charity or cause

25. Meal plan more

26. Learn to play an instrument

27. Eat a new cuisine

28. Stop buying stuff you don't need

29. Eat sitting a the table more

30. Take a walk each day

31. Limit the amount of sweets you eat

32. Learn to use coupons or use them better

33. Take a road trip to a nearby city

34. Make better use of your time

35. Learn to say no to things

36. Start meditating

37. Go outside more

38. Cut back or stop drinking booze

39. Plant something in your yard or in a pot

40. Smile more

41. Remodel the part of your house you've been wanting to fix

42. Try something that makes you somewhat uncomfortable like karaoke or fried rice with the bean sprouts

43. Take the stairs more

44. Cut out processed, prepackaged foods

45. Stop reaching for the phone

46. Watch more Disney movies

47. Live within your means

48. Don't be in such a rush all the time

49. Get together with friends more

50. Learn to be comfortable in your own skin

What's on your 2018 resolution list?

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