Cantigny Park

Located on the west side of Wheaton, IL you'll find a really unique and special place, Cantigny Park. This beautiful place has gardens, hiking trails, a golf course and two museums! There is something here for everyone to enjoy any time of the year. 

Late in the summer I was able to enjoy the grounds for the first time in a number of years. My first stop was my favorite garden, the Tank Park. Ever since I can remember we've been going to Cantigny Park and enjoying the tanks. I have many a photograph throughout the years of us climbing on these tanks. My brother even proposed to his wife on the property and they took some of their engagement photos with the tanks. It's a must visit on your way to the First Division Museum.

While the Tank Park is by far my personal favorite of the gardens the rest of them are absolutely stunning. From the Rock Garden to the Rose Garden and every other green space in the park. You can't walk through any part of the park without encountering the lovely flowers and plants.

While I didn't have time to wait for the guided tour of the McCormick House Museum I was able to enjoy getting some wonderful photos of the exterior. The stately mansion was built in 1896. Robert R. McCormick, colonel in the First Division during World War I, a lawyer and eventual owner and editor of the Chicago Tribune, his grandfather built this mansion for his daughter, Robert's mother.

Did you know that the mansions and the park land with the pool above were featured in a scene in the movie A League of Their Own? It's one of my favorite bits of Chicago area trivia to share with people since not too many people know about it.

The Exedra has been one of my favorite spots ever since I was little. When I was younger it always felt tucked away and like no one knew it was there. So I always thought it was cool how we were able to find this serene spot every time we went and then I would go sit on the dog's backs. I loved and still love how they look over the property with serene power, like any moment they will come to life and bound forward. 

One garden that I don't ever remember is the Idea Garden. It's a fun interactive space that kids can enjoy year round. I can't wait to bring my nephew and niece here to enjoy this space next summer.

Throughout the gardens you'll find these bright neon antique looking sofas and chairs. For the life of me I can't figure out what exactly they're there for. They were a lot of fun to take photos with. I'll have to connect with my friend who works at the First Division and see what she has to say about these funky pieces.

Cantigny Park is a must on everyone's suburban to visit list. The lush gardens, wonderful museums and great events throughout the year will have you coming back every chance you get.

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