American Writers Museum

I finally got a chance to visit the much talked about American Writers Museum!! Since it's opening this past May there has been much press and chatter about this museum that doesn't have a collection or exhibit artifacts, both in the museum community and everywhere else. 

The first area past the entrance to catch my eye was the Children's Literature Gallery. With large scenes from some of my favorite children's books and fun interactives what's not to love. What I didn't realize was that the tree mural, by Paul O. Zelinsky, featured a number of squirrels reading some of the most cherished children's books out there. Not only were they reading them but the squirrels themselves hinted at the stories as well!

While I moved on next to the Nation of Writers section, you can really go any way around this looped space, there is no right or wrong path. The photos hardly do this exhibit justice. The colors were so vibrant and pulled you down the long hallway. To the left you were taken through time with 100 of the most influential authors. On the right the you found 100 important writers of all sorts from songwriters like Prince to poets.

There are two changing exhibit spaces. One of which is set aside for a specific author, "Laura Ingalls Wilder: From Prairie to Page" opened on November 18 and runs through the spring in one of the spaces. The other currently features "Capturing Stories: Photographs of Writers by Art Shay". I love the part where you can caption the photos. There were some very creative people! I particularly enjoyed the Greek dancers for multiple reasons.

One of my favorite parts of this museum is the fact that it's just teeming with life. Usually when people are in museums you feel this way but I'm talking about the exhibits themselves. Throughout every inch you're able to move something, experience it or it's moving on it's own. The photos and mini videos don't even begin to do the life you feel justice.

"The Mind of the Writer" doesn't focus on a specific writer or author but pushes you towards the creative process of writing. Myself, and most people who come through it seems, love the typewriters. I have memories of visiting the church secretary while Dad was working and wanting so badly to play with the electric typewriter she had that was the spitting image of the blue one on exhibit.

As I've said many times I'm a reader, you put in an exhibit and I'll read all the labels but here the was just so much to take it it's almost overwhelming! I definitely look forward to returning to see details that I didn't catch the first time around.

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