4 Email Newsletters You Need To Be On

Yes I know this seems like an odd topic since for years I've been trying to cut down on my inbox clutter. Sending me an email is always the best way to give me information, I might slack sometimes on the response (sorry Mom!) but I always read them. So I've been working to make my inbox more efficient and work for me, not against. I've found four fantastic email newsletters you definitely need to be on.

1. 1440
A local Chicago startup 1440 brings all the top news to you in one email without having to search all over. The best part is it's not just top news stories like some emails. You're getting a couple top headlines from four important areas: Culture, Entertainment & Sports; Science & Technology;
Business & Markets; Politics & World Affairs.

My favorite section is the ETCETERA section. Which always includes fun random articles and my favorite the Historybook with a few things that happened on this day in whatever year. It's really perfect info to store away for that trivia night someday!

2. The Muse
If you're looking to improve yourself career wise The Muse is the perfect email for you. You'll find articles like "This Is the Email Smart People Send When They're Rejected for a Job" or "Dear Managers: This 3-Word Formula Makes Giving Feedback Easier". They're not just sharing articles about jobs specifically but there are so many that are about improving your adulting as well. One example is "Why Is it So Hard for You to Say 'Thank You' When You Get a Compliment?". Won't lie I'm still terrible at that one most of the time!

3. Elevator
If you've ever heard of this one or now checked it out you'll see it's technically a mailing list for guys. Won't lie there are definitely some things about this one that I'm a little eep about, like the sexy chick instagram image that's always at the top but there are always a couple of great and fun articles in each email, like "26 time-management tricks I wish I'd known at 20". Another great feature is that in the email they give you a brief takeaway of the article this avoids the whole realizing halfway through that this article is lame and not for you.

4. Thrillist
I think most people are familiar with Thrillist by now but if you're not go sign up now!! You can sign up for a specific city, with over 40 including some international it's bound to cover most people. Even though I get the Chicago version they don't just share stuff related to Chicago. They cover important things like "The Best Food From Every State that Ships Nationwide", clearly very important things! This is definitely the one I look forward to most since it's more on the lighthearted side most of the time.

Do you have a go to informational email you love getting in your inbox? Sound off in the comments!

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