Views from the L

This is going to sound really weird but one of my favorite things to do when I have some time is to ride the L a little bit. I know right? When you've got sometimes crazy people on the CTA I know most people don't like to linger. They're missing out though on some amazing views! I've been trying to take photos of these great moments but it can be difficult when you're flying by on the train. Here are some of my favorites from this year so far.  

Most of these are from the Brown Line and the one time I rode the Blue line to Jefferson Park just for the fun of it. 

I'm not sure that the above photo even needs an introduction! It's Wrigley Field! The below photo is of Graceland Cemetery. When you're on the Red Line you zip along the east side of this serene landscape.

One of my favorite parts of the Brown Line is that you cross the above the river, unlike the Red Line which is a subway at this point. It definitely lends itself for beautiful photos of the river and the skyscrapers of the Loop.

When I pass by this part of the Loop I always think of Stephanie! It's not as crazy as the people of the CTA but I always love seeing weird, quirky things like someone's feet on the next train over. 

The sconces above are on the Harold Washington Library. I tried getting some good photos from the platform at this station but wasn't having a ton of luck because of the beams and such. Got this photo heading down the stairs to the street. Catching graffiti is another thing I really enjoy. There is all sorts of crazy things written and drawn all over the city. It's really difficult to get good photos unless you know it's coming up since it can go by so quickly!

The above photo was taken just before Christmas! I know right? It doesn't look like you would think Christmas in Chicago should. I met Stephanie at the Christkindlmarket for a quick lunch and bought two chocolate covered rice krispy treats to take home for Kevin and I. Well after deciding to ride the Blue line getting photos for this post I stopped at the Addison stop to head back and decided that Kevin's treat wasn't making it home. No worries we went to the Naperville location the next weekend and I made sure he got one there. 

There is just something so magical about seeing Chicago from the L. You're not so high up that you're not still a part of the hustle but you get closer to the details of the architecture and humanity that you can't see from the street. Chicago is just so beautiful from this level.

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