Russell's BBQ

When you think about some of your favorite places I can guarantee that some of them are on your list because you've been going their your entire life. That's where Russell's BBQ comes into my world!

Opening their doors in 1930 this Elmwood Park staple has now been feeding FOUR generations of Giles family members. My Dad used to go Russell's with his parents, family and friends growing. Naturally we went there as often as we could growing up or would grab it to heat up at home. It was so lovely when their Rolling Meadows location was around, I will say early on in our relationship that was a perk of going up to Kevin's parent's! Now we've been bring Lane to Russell's for several years and Elowen had her first trip in August. 

We love Russell's not only because it holds such wonderful memories but also because the food is ridiculous good!!! They do have some options for the vegetarians in your life but really the main show are the BBQ sandwiches. The king of the BBQ sandwiches is the pork. I'm sure the other ones are fantastic as well but I won't lie in the 32 years I've been going to Russell's I've never had any other kind. 

With the pork sandwich they roast it in the broth then add a little bit of the BBQ sauce. The best way is to add more at the table then do a little dunk in your puddle. The fries are wonderful with the BBQ sauce too. It's a bit zippy but not in a spicy way just in a BBQ sauce kind of way. You can actually find the BBQ sauce in some grocery stores around the Chicagoland area. I'm not sure about out of the area. 

When you're looking for that iconic Chicago place you can't go wrong with 87 years of amazing BBQ pork, I mean come on if me and Jeff Mauro say it's excellent you know it's true! 

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