Printable Birthday & Anniversary Cards

One of the bigger 101 list tasks that I had to tackle was getting all of my birthday and anniversary cards ready for a single year. I started looking in 2016 for the perfect cards. I didn't want anything that didn't sound like me, I was looking for something funny with a little bit of sass. It was insane how hard it was to find something that was all those things and cost effective!

After a while it occurred to me that I had really gained some mad Photoshop skills and could probably design something myself. So I did just that! What I came up with is me in a homemade card. Funny with some sass and a clean look to it. Friends and family have been loving them! I'm so glad I went this route.

You'll see below there is a download link for a set of each type of card and one that has one of each. Download them, print them out on card stock and slice them in half. Since I'm not the most skilled at cutting things straight, even with really nice cutters I made a nice little cheat line on there for all of us not so skilled craft cutters out there. 

I hope you enjoy my first foray into homemade cards!

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