5 Ways to Get Out of a Blogging Slump

As you can see it's been a little slow around here lately. Besides being pretty the past week and half I hit a slump. I didn't like any of the topics on my list to write about, nothing seemed right or wowed me, I wasn't feeling inspired to share anything, it's been your typical blogging slump. I know we all go through them everyone once and a while right!? If you answered no to this question see me later, I either don't believe you or I need that secret formula!

It can be hard to get out of that slump but I've got a few tips on how to get yourself back out. I've been working all of these myself lately.

Go to Your Safe Place
Topics not seeming like you anymore? You're not feeling anything that you've got lined up? Go back to the topics you know and love, those topics that you can always just bust out in 20 minutes. These are always good to use when you hit that slump. That can inspire you again or at least carry you until you're able to get back on the horse again.

Find New Inspiration
Now for the total opposite of the first one. Maybe those old standby topics aren't doing it for you. Take some time and see if there is anything new out there that floats your boat. So you're a food blogger, maybe you followed someone new on Instagram who is doing some amazing things with fresh fruit. Take that new found passion for what their doing and use it as inspiration for your own delicious fruit recipes.

Are you feeling guilty that you're focusing more on other topics that don't match with what you say you blog about? Maybe that's causing your slump. If that's the case it might be time to take a good look at what your blog focus is and refocus. This can be a good method especially when you have large life changes that affect what you blog about, like having kids or being diagnosed with an illness.

Push Through
Sometimes we just need to pull ourselves up by out boot strings and push our way though it! Say to yourself I'm not going to just sit here in this slump and mean it! That's my current plan of attack for my slump. I'm not going to take it!

Take a Break
This is a tough one to handle. You might just need an actual break. There is so much going on in life that you're too busy living life to write about it or maybe you're focus has changed so much that you need a break to figure out what you really want to do. There is no shame in taking a break when you're overwhelmed and something needs to give.

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