She Said What?!

Yesterday I decided that instead of doing some of the work around the house that I've been telling myself needs to get done I was going through and cleaning up my inbox. That's still getting things accomplished right? Well I decided I needed to get rid of drafts of emails. I had 114 eep!

As I was looking through the drafts I kept finding stuff that had been said by Kevin and other friends that I wrote down. Some of them were just too amusing not to share!

While playing Sweet Valley High at my birthday

Becky "Trading boyfriends until you get yours adds some mystery."
Bethany "that's the story of my life"

Kevin "We have Lane ... rental baby ... with a return policy"

That's Britta!
Britta "I'd rather do chemistry than anything related to directions"

Kevin *speeds forward from light*
Betsy "slow down  we are not drag racing my brother".
Becky "I said I would get you in two places at once"
Betsy "it wasn't like walk to remember I deserve romance"

Kevin "tell me what you want."

Me "what I really really want. I wanna I wanna zigzag zigzag ah"
Kevin "I'm already your lover I've already gotten with your friends"

Me "that's me being passive aggressive"

Kevin "that's not you being passive aggressive, you threw my pillow at me"

Becky  "of all the things I got at Valpo you're my favorite"

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