Public Art on the Brown Line

Culture and art has always been really important to the City of Chicago, it's one of my favorite things about living in the Chicagoland area. You head anywhere in the city and you can find beautiful art everywhere. 2017 has been dubbed the Year of Public Art in the city. Part of this increase in public art includes many of the L stops around the city. 

This past weekend I had some time so what did I decide to do? Ride the entire Brown Line and get some fabulous photos of all the amazing public art at each station. You might be thinking Betsy it's not like it's the Red Line which has lines from the north end of the city to the south how bad could it have been? Well it might not be the longest line but it was the line that has art pieces at every stop except one!! It was actually pretty fun, kind of like my own scavenger hunt where I was doing a lot of waiting on L platforms. 

Now for the fun part! The beautiful art. For more about these pieces, maps of what other stops on the other lines have pieces and all that good stuff head to the CTA Public Art webpage.

In Transit Gallery
Columbia College Photography Department
Photo montage
2001, Adopt-A-Station

Reflections Expressions Transformations
B.J. Krivanek and Joel Breaux
Aluminum, powder-coated aluminum
2009, Arts in Transit

Time is the Enemy (Revisited)
Carlos “Dzine” Rolon
Venetian glass, marble and stone mosaic
2009, Arts in Transit


Chicago El Stories
Jon Gitelson
Glass photographic tiles
2008, Arts in Transit

Hayes Healy Gymnasium 
Mike Grucza
Installation of Bas-relief, limestone panels
2015, CTA Art Collection
Derick Malkemus
Cast bronze
2009, Arts in Transit

Martin Donlin
Architectural glass: ceramic enamels fired into tempered glass
2009, Arts in Transit


Space Junction of Energy
Jerald Jacquard
Painted steel, mixed media
1970, CTA Art Collection

We All Ride the Train Together
David Lee Csicsko
Mixed-media mosaics by Erin Adams Design
2009, Arts in Transit

As I was running through the Southport stop I forgot that there were two sides so I only snapped a photo of the south wall!
Green (North Wall) & Yellow (South Wall)
Elizabeth Fraiberg
Transfer-printed glazed ceramic tile
2008, Arts in Transit

Barbara Cooper
Mosaic: Hand-cut glass
Sculpture: Riveted brass and stainless-steel sheeting
2009, Arts in Transit


The Encrypted Inning
Gregory Gómez
Sand-cast bronze and patina
2007, Arts in Transit

Juan Carlos Macias
Venetian hand-cut glass mosaic
2008, Arts in Transit

Jason Pickleman
Cast aluminum, vinyl decals
2007, Arts in Transit

American Tourister
Ron Baron
2008, Arts in Transit


Camouflage Screen
Ellen Rothenberg
Art glass with ceramic melting color
2007, Arts in Transit

Hidden Movers
Thomas Skomski
Mixed media
2007, Arts in Transit


Ellen Harvey
Mosaic of hand-cut marble
2007, Arts in Transit


Round and Round
Anne Marie Karlsen
Art glass
2007, Arts in Transit


Hope and Renewal
Josh Garber
Powder-coated aluminum
2007, Arts in Transit

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