New Glarus Brewery

During our yearly Memorial Day Weekend in Wisconsin we took our Saturday afternoon outing to the New Glarus Brewery. Just under an hour southwest of Madison, the brewery is nestled in the outskirts of the town of New Glarus. 

Being the smart people we are we went to what was the original brewery (picture above) first not realizing that there was a whole new brewery! We had a good laugh over that one and quickly got back on the right track. 

You head up this huge hill, parking halfway up then finishing the trek through the forest on foot. You pop out of the forest to see this massive building.

We head around to the other side to head inside for our self guided tour. I was not expecting this massive outdoor area. It was beautiful. There were gorgeous rock formations you could sit on, tons of picnic tables and seating areas to just chill at.

The views from the top of the hill were fantastic. You could see so much.

Most of the time the you're able to tour the brewery on your own but they do have guided tours. The past couple of years we've been on several different brewery tours , like Two Brothers Brewery, and it's really neat to see how different each place is.  

The stairway to heaven sign cracked us up. There were a few other tongue and cheek things like that around the brewery.

After our wanderings around the brewery we did the most important part ... the tasting! Kevin really enjoyed the raspberry beer (below) I couldn't get over how red it was! As a non-beer person it was actually really good. It was a fun afternoon and I think it would definitely be fun to enjoy their beer garden area again.

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