7 Happenings Lately

It's hard to believe that the 4th of July has already come and gone! As usual the summer flies by with a ton of speed. While my calendar doesn't seem to be as full as last year there has definitely been lots of fun things going on. Here's a little catch up at how my summer has been so far!

1. Memorial Day Weekend in Wisconsin
As usual we kicked off the summer with Memorial Day Weekend at Kevin's parent's cottage in Wisconsin. We fished ... a lot. Kevin and I mostly caught little fishes and Bill (Kevin's dad) caught the big fish that weekend. Continued the new tradition of heading somewhere Saturday afternoon, we headed to New Glarus Brewery!

2. Elowen's Baptism
It was a lovely day. We got to see Bethany's family which is always awesome, I love her family. Elowen rocked the large polka dot bow!

5. Surprising Mom at story time
Bethany and I have decided that we're going to make a yearly tradition of surprising Mom at the Riverwalk story time. This is the second year Kevin, Bethany, myself and the kiddos met for dinner and a fabulous story time given by the Naperville Public Library ladies.

4. Midsommer Fest
Becky came in to the city and we met up with Stephanie at the Andersonville Midsommer Fest. We stopped at Pastoral for some amazing munchies and amazing boozy snow cones before the Stache show. Purse alcohol was flowing and we topped off a great afternoon with the 16 Candles show!

5. Pampered Chef summer products
Ice cream everything ... nuff said!

6. Kevin's birthday & Father's Day
This year we combined the celebrating. We did beer brats, boiled them in the beer then charred them at the end on the grill. They were AMAZING, definitely will be cooking them that way again. It was so chill and great time spent with family. 

7. Rammstein Concert
Kevin bought the tickets I think last fall so we've been looking forward to the concert for forever. It was insanity. Rammstein is known for their crazy pyrotechnic filled shows and they definitely did not disappoint. They used a different pyrotechnic for each song, not a single one repeated. It was ridiculousness. 

That was just the major parts of June! It was a fantastic month and I'm looking forward to the rest of the summer. How was your June!?

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