5 Good Times to Brainstorm

In this crazy fast paced we all have 1,000 things happening in our life it can be really tough to take time to brainstorm for you blog. I know I try and use any time I have to brainstorm. Throughout the past few years I've come up with a few surefire places and times that I can really put pen to paper and come up with some good ideas.

1. On your commute
Since I commute 30 minutes each way it's always a great time to think. When I'm heading downtown and I'm on the train that's an even better time to think so I can actually activity write while I'm thinking. It is hard to do that on my daily commute. Not gonna lie I always have my little notebook out and will frantically write something down at a light if need be.

2. Be a passenger 
You might not have a choice with this one but if you do always try and be the passenger. Usually when we go anywhere whether it's myself and Kevin or I'm with other family someone else tends to be the driver. I try to take the time to think since I don't have to be focused on the road.

3. In a room with the door locked
While it's good to take a minute when you can to brainstorm sometimes we just need to block everything out. I think once a week I probably tell Kevin I'm going in our bedroom and he's not allowed to disturb me for a couple of hours. This usually results in some great brainstorming time without distractions. Or I'm completely distracted ... there is never an in-between is there?

4. When you need a break from something else
You've spent the entire morning scrubbing your house or you've been hanging out with friends sometimes you just need a change of pace or a break. Take a little time to totally switch gears. Who knows all that cleaning might just inspire a new post!

5. In the Shower, on the toilet or any other weird time
Don't we all have those weird times that we think about stuff? Mine is when I'm in the bathroom usually when I'm showering. It's something that we do all the time and by now it's probably on autopilot. When you're on autopilot it can be the perfect chance to brainstorm since your mind can wander. Although it is a little hard to write down those ideas when you're in the shower!

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