10 Ways to Make a Quick Dinner More Special with Jewel-Osco & Coca-Cola™

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There are so many weeks that Kevin and I are running around with all of our various commitments. He's got band practice or I've got Pampered Chef meeting, we might be meeting up together to take care of some business. Any way you slice it we are busy busy busy but we always try to have meals together when we can even if it's a quick one.

Jewel-Osco makes it super easy for us to have a quick but nice meal on a busy night. Our store is right on the way home from work for me and Kevin. With their signature meal deals we can come together for an easy, simple and tasty dinner at home before we have to head out to whatever we've got going on. You can get chicken of any sort and size from a two piece meal to a whole chicken and they have a selection of different sides to pick from.

This past week I grabbed us a yummy chicken dinner with delicious sides before we had to run out the door to our evening commitments. Since it's just the two of us I went for the 8 piece crispy chicken meal. A little bit of a splurge with the crispy but oh so good skin and even though it's just two of us we loved having the leftovers. I found out that in addition to being able to add on any 1.25L of Coca-Cola™ now you can add on a 64 oz Gold Peak®. We love us some ice tea so I was stoked to hear from the store associate that this was now an option.

When you're on the run some weeks it's hard to come together. We always try and bring a little spark to our weekend nights and make dinner a little special. I was able to put some of my go to tips to make that quick dinner a little more special.

1. Take a moment
Today was busy, tonight will be busy too. You just grabbed a delicious dinner on the go from Jewel-Osco. Stop for a moment, breathe, relax and be thankful for the time you're about to spend together (even as little as it might be!) with your family.

2. Put a table on it
Well more like like put it on a table. Most of the time when we're a in hurry we eat on the go or standing up. Don't do it! It really doesn't take any more time to put it out on the table than it does on the counter.

3. Use the real stuff
Instead of going with paper and plastic break out the real plates, silverware and even napkins. There is just something about real napkins! If you don't have the kind that are machine washable and that's why you don't ever use them, then you should really invest in those! Then you can just toss them in with the rest of your laundry and not have to worry.

4. Treat yourself to a little something extra
I usually drink water with dinner but sometimes it's nice to do a little something extra. I like to splurge and get something fun to drink. The Signature Meal deal makes it's super easy and budget friendly. You can add on a Diet Coke®, Coca-Cola Zero™, Coca-Cola™ or Gold Peak® Tea and make it a full complete meal! Plus that 64 oz Gold Peak tea is going to last you for the rest of the week.

5. Make it fancy
Even when you're in a hurry there are easy ways to make it special. My favorite way is to use champagne glasses instead of regular tumblers. There is something about using those fancy glasses that just makes any meal special.

6. Give it some ambiance
You don't have to go all out with steamers, dozens of flowers or anything crazy like that. I know we all have those couple of candles that we're saving for a special occasion. Break out those babies and take a few minutes to give your dinner a little bit more.

7. Make it healthier
When you're on the go it can be tough to keep it healthy. With options like no salt added rotisserie chicken, grilled chicken and unsweetened Gold Peak tea it can be easier to keep it on the healthier! Grab some salad from Jewel's stocked up salad bar or some pre-cut fruit paired with your healthier chicken pick and Gold Peak tea you've got a complete meal. 

8. Keep the TV off

You don't want to get sucked into that new grip the edge of your seat episode of your favorite show. Also it will give you a quick chance to connect with your family in that short time you have.

9. Doctor it up
This is one if you're on the go but have a little more time. With the delicious rotisserie chicken you got as part of your signature meal deal you can make all sorts of recipes. Make a quick rotisserie chicken salad sandwich using the rolls from the meal with the signature coleslaw on the side. Another perk is that if you eat it one way the first day then doctor up the leftovers you've got a second meal for those super busy weeks. Coca-Cola has some other fun ideas for meal pairings on their websites that would definitely make the most out of the delicious chicken.

10. Put on some tunes
I know when I'm at home I don't ever put on music to add any ambiance. It's usually for a purpose like working out or getting me pumped up to clean. Putting on some nice tunes for your quick dinner together can give it a fun, dinner out vibe. Plus if it's the right tunes it will help you relax before tackling the rest of your busy day and evening!

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