The Publican

Earlier this winter Becky and I met up for a fun day in the city. While we ended the evening at Saved by the Max but started off our day with a little lunch and checking off a 101 list item. We met up in the Loop and the trekked west to have lunch at The Publican.

If you're not a fan of meat this restaurant is probably not for you since they're connected to Publican Quality Meats, a fantastic butcher shop. Becky started of the meal with pretty intense bloody Mary that came with an unexpected mini beer. You know it's going to be a good day when you get unexpected mini beer. 

Talking to friends and looking online the one menu item we knew was going to happen was the bacon. As you can see the huge pieces of delicious are braised in maple syrup. So good. So filling.

We were woefully unaware of the size of meals so we added on the bacon and the frites. Even though it ended up being too much food both of us agreed the fries were some of if not the best we'd ever had. They pretty much melted in your mouth they were so crispy and light. 

Like the good German girl I am I went for the weisswurst that came with a pretzel. I was not expecting two! I tend to prefer the darker German sausages but this one was creamy and delicious. Becky and I decided later that we could have gone with just my meal and our extras. 

To be perfectly honest Becky and I tried to remember what exactly she had and neither of us can remember. She remembers it was really good though! I would definitely head back to The Publican just for those amazing fries with a side of bacon.

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