Taking in the London Sights Part 1

Whew! I've finally had a moment since our trip to sit down and write a post. I've been working overtime to finish up an online class, a Pampered Chef show at the end of last week and some hardcore jet lag for both Kevin and I made it a really long busy week. Sorry it took a while but I'm so happy to be able to share our trip!!

There is so much to share!  I'm starting off with just all the sights we saw and then later this week and next week I'll be sharing some of the specific tours and other fun stuff we did. I really tried to get some neat photos and tried to up my photo game : )

Our first day and a half we just ended up wandering around. I think we got this photo right around Piccadilly Circus.  

Our hotel was about a 5 minute walk from the British Museum. It was so neat being able to just meander by one of my favorite museums in the entire world!

Souvenirs! Everyone (cough cough Stephanie cough) should be really proud of me I made sure to get useful and unique souvenirs. Might have come home with several different pairs of London themed socks ... one must have Rosetta Stone socks right?

We wandered into James Smith & Sons umbrellas. They were gorgeous and waaaaay out of our price range but gorgeous.

Massive Lego wall mural. The Lego store in Leicester Square will take your photo and make your own Lego set of your photo, they're the only store in the world that has that technology.

No sitting!

We then ended up wandering through Covent Garden. I remember spending a lot of time there on my first trip to London and definitely had some deja vu moments.

There were several interesting street performers. We really enjoyed the Charlie Chaplain performer.

All of the Underground stops we went through were all unique and had different styles. This was the stop right by our hotel.

On our first full day, more wandering, we came across a little fair in a church yard. This beautiful fountain was in the same open courtyard area.

We headed towards Harrods and ate in a nearby pub. On our way to shopping at Harrods we came across many a reaaaaaally nice car. 

Harrods!! We did some lovely shopping and I got myself a fabulous turquoise bow reusable shopping tote.

Kevin ...

We headed to Hyde Park and just wandered for a couple of hours. The weather was so lovely.

I loved all the wrought iron fences that were everywhere in London. It made for some great photo moments. Be prepared for more like this photo haha.

When I visited London after high school this Peter Pan Statue was the ban of our existence. My friends and I spend several hours searching for this statue in Hyde Park. This was before there was internet on cell phones, heck this was when you only had a cell phone for emergencies and had to wait until after a certain time for unlimited calls. Using Google Maps made it a snap to find it this time!



While we were there we saw poppies all over the place. The poppy is used in remembrance of World War I. Since we're currently in the centennial years of WWI I wasn't surprised to see them, I was surprised to see them as much as we did.

This is a remembrance for those from New Zealand who served during World War I. 

We were both looking forward to seeing the changing of the guard ... along with probably 5,000 of our closest friends.

We came on the side of the Palace and should have just stayed there since we were so early we were right by the fence. We still ended up with good spots.

After enjoying the pomp we headed down the mall to see Westminster Abbey.

The gargoyles that we saw everywhere on this trip were one of Kevin's favorite things. He enjoyed figuring out if they were gargoyles (ones that can pour water) or grotesques (they're just decorations).

This is one of my favorite photos from the trip. Surprisingly there weren't that many people in the area so it made for great photos.

10 Downing street waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back there.

These were the guards outside of the Imperial War Museum. It was funny to think of how many people were clamoring to get photos with these men. They must have hundreds of people taking their photos per day. Crazy! 

More sights will be coming! 

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