Museum of London

When we decided to visit London I knew there were several museums on my must visit list. One that actually wasn't on my original list was the Museum of London. I'm not sure why but there were others before it but I ended up calling a hail Mary and we thought it would be a fun one to visit while we were in the City of London.

I was bummed out that we missed an exhibit about the Great Fire of London by just a few days but they had this fun mural up outside of the museum still.

The Museum of London walks you through London history from before it was even anything to the present day. Won't lie we did skip over the pre-history section pretty quickly, it's not my thing and to me it tends to look the same no matter where in the world it is.

One thing I always always always look for in a really good museum is their interactives. A good museum will engage it's guests with hands on learning. Usually people think of these as only for kids but I love taking time in whatever museum I'm in and playing with all of the interactives. The Museum of London did this really well. You can see the find the object clue boards above but there were a number of other great interactives.

Getting to see parts of the original wall that surrounded London was really cool. I wish we could have gotten an up close look but at least we were able to see it.

I was surprised at how many larger more architectural pieces that were on exhibit.

How ridiculous is that dress?! I cannot imagine wearing something like that. It's like something that you see on a cartoon!

There were also several large immersive areas that were a lot of fun. I think my favorite was the Pleasure Garden. These were a really common type of recreation during 1700 and 1800s London, probably the most famous being Vauxhall Gardens. With life size dress forms they walked you through all the different characters one might meet at these somewhat scandalous pleasure gardens. Some of the costumes were reproductions but there were originals. The most ridiculous was the ship hat. That hat is why I wish hats were still a huge thing here haha.

Kevin really enjoyed the immersive. The bartenders were terrible though, he was ready to hop over and pour himself a drink. The museum professional in me had a momentary freak out when he started fake jump over the bar.

When you got to the more modern day exhibit galleries they walked you through the history by showcasing the fashion. There were other objects but the clothing and shoes were exhibited to really be the main focus.

My work friend Pam, who's been to London a number of times, kept saying how I had to make sure to see the Beatles dress. While I like the shape of it I'm not sure I'd want to wear their faces across the dress like that! I loved seeing the really new styles, like the Dr. Martens! Glad to see I'm old enough that stuff I've worn is in a museum.

This was just a small teeny tiny slice of all the centuries of history that the Museum of London shares. While some museums on my must visit list were kicked off I'm glad we added this one. It's a must visit.

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