Afternoon Tea Bus Tour with Brigit's Bakery

Afternoon tea was a must do on my London list for this trip. I started searching online and the usual fancy options popped up on the various lists. It ended up being a friend from high school who just visited London over the winter who shared the perfect option for us.

Brigit's Bakery has a myriad of different unique afternoon tea options, you can go on a Afternoon Tea Boat tour or they'll set you up on a picnic. The one we went with was the Afternoon Tea Bus Tour!

After finally making our way to the meeting point (who knew that the Victoria Tube station and coach station weren't connected!) we were so excited it was hard to contain. OK maybe I was hard to contain and bouncing off the walls by this point ...

I wasn't quite sure what exactly to expect since we were going to be on a moving bus. I figured it would be china a la Chinet type of set up. We were definitely surprised!

Real fancy plates and silverware! It was just as fabulous a setup as I've had at high end Chicago hotels.

The food was delicious. My favorite dessert was the little cookie with the whipped cream and berries. I ended up taking two of mine home for breakfast there was just so much good food. Kevin of course was able to devour every bite! The savory bites were perfect too. You can tell the food came from a bakery since the desserts and breads were divine.

As you've seen the designs and style of the bus were really fun and lighthearted.

Kevin was slightly new to the idea of fancy small food to be eaten slightly elegantly. I don't know if he's ready to eat lunch with the queen but he really enjoyed himself.

It was a real tour as well, you weren't just sitting there eating. There was a guide who was sharing information as we drove around. We were a bit unsure and had debated booking another drive around tour but I'm actually really glad we didn't. It was the tour and the tea experience all wrapped up together in one perfect, delicious package. 

The tea was poured in heat safe cups with lids, I didn't think about that beforehand but it definitely makes sense to have boiling hot liquid in a cup with a lid when on a bus! When I booked the tour it asked if we were celebrating anything, I put down that we were celebrating our anniversary. They ended up announcing congratulations over the bus speaker and gave us a little cupcake with 5 candles. I think it was a good thing we were celebrating 10 years haha.

We had an amazing time! I'm so glad we went nuts and did the fun unique afternoon tea. If you need something for your next London trip I would definitely check out the afternoon tea options at Brigit's Bakery.

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