My Best Looks from the 90s

One of my favorite parts of scanning all of our old photos is getting to see and share all the photos from my childhood with family and friends. It's been interesting to look back and see some of my best looks from the 90s and 80s. I was definitely a 90s kid and had the looks to prove it. I thought it would be fun to share my most ridiculous outfits that I've found so far!

So when I was in second grade my Dad got a call to a church in Orlando so we went down for a visit and went to Disney! Clearly I made sure to wear my most fabulous 90s floral romper outfit to see Pluto. Also note my brother's ridiculous 90s print wind breaker. 

Oh Brownies. I'm sure there are many a young girl who enjoyed a goofy Girl Scout group photo. Clearly I win though with my matching bright purple floral print hoody and legging combo. Note the matching stretchy headband.

I think my go to look for the 90s was the bright colored romper. This tie dyed number I was sporting during a trip to visit family and friends in Houston. 

I know there is a full length photo of this outfit but I'm not sure it's been scanned yet. Pretty sure I'm wearing stretchy leggings with this fun top. I don't think they were matching though which was evidently a travesty. 

In addition to the oh so trendy romper my other go to was the matching outfit. I feel that was a major 90s theme in general.

I rocked this bright purple and turquoise coat for a number of years. It was the epitome of 90s neon chic. 

One of my favorites parts of 90s fashion was the hair bows. I can remember everyone wearing crazy bows and clips. In our house it seemed the bigger the better was the motto. My mom would make me awesome hair bows, I remember wearing this shoelace one all the time.

Leggings also seemed to be my go to look. It's funny looking back I can't remember actually wearing them that much but clearly I did! I feel like I was the LuLaroe poster child before there was LuLaroe. 

What was your best look from the 90s?!

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