31st Juried Exhibition of the Chicago Calligraphy Collective

A couple weekend ago Mom and I trecked downtown to the Newberry Library to see the 31st Juried Exhibition of the Chicago Calligraphy Collective. This past year Mom has taken several calligraphy classes at a local community college and her professor had several pieces that were selected for the show. So naturally because of that and her enjoyment of the medium we definitely wanted to go see the exhibit. 

There were a number of pieces that looked like what you'd think a calligraphy exhibit would contain, pen writing on paper. Then there were pieces that you wouldn't expect, like the piece below.

The piece below is one that my mom's professor made. This book was a technique that he has taught the class. I love the color scheme of this one. It makes your eye go straight to it. We even caught him checking out his work!

I think the tiny books were my favorite. I love anything miniature! Also they were in different languages which was really neat.

This piece was also super awesome. As someone who knows very little about the art of calligraphy I would have never thought that cut out piece like this one would be considered calligraphy. Clearly it shows you how much I know! We also got a huge kick out of the "procrastinate now" in the old English script.

As part of the opening in addition to delicious munchies and a speaker there were hands on stations. Mom made a little nine page book. The artist who was demonstrating the technique had a similar one on exhibit that was three times a large. It was this really neat technique where the pages crisscross each other.

My mom's professor was doing a demonstration as well. He would take a language and use it as inspiration to make a calligraphy style alphabet. Here is he demonstrating it using Arabic as inspiration. I don't know if even with inspiration I could be so creative on the fly. The event was so much fun. It was great to do things that both my mom and I enjoy all in one event.

The exhibit is open until June 16, 2017 so there is still time for you to visit!

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