Brunch at Davanti Enoteca

This past weekend I got the opportunity to join in for one of the Windy City Blogger Collective events, a fabulous brunch at Davanti Enoteca. I was really excited to actually have a chance to meet and talk to more local bloggers in a more relax setting than the Christmas party. Davanti Enoteca is an Italian restaurant in River North, as well as Little Italy and Western Springs.  

What I love most about Davanti was that it's not just any old Italian restaurant. They hand make their pasta right there in front of you! I adore handmade pasta, it's just insanely better. I enjoyed watching Jose make the pasta. He was a pasta making ninja it was pretty sweet. He was also joined by a gentleman working the homemade pizza crust.

I loved the decor. As one expected there was definitely the rustic Italian feel to it but I loved the retro movie feel. There were vintage movie posters all over in Italian. With all of the darker wood it had a warm, welcoming feel to it. 

Now on to the most important part ... the food!! Above is the Focaccia de Recco. It was insanely delicious. The crust was melt in you mouth with soft cheese in the middle. I was a little hesitant about the honey but with the savory, slightly salty and the sweet honey it was just perfect. Kinda wish we didn't have to share it. Not even kidding I probably could have eaten the entire thing by myself.

We all agreed at our table that the meatballs were top notch. You really can't go wrong when it includes prosciutto. The table ended up sharing some of the dishes they ordered. As we all know I love it when I get a little bit of everything so I was a happy little clam. The cauliflower steak was interesting. Never had one before, for me the olive was a bit much but the steak and white sauce was really good.

Maybe the best part, besides the focaccia, was at the end when we were joking about pillaging the Glazed and Infused that was connected when lo and behold our server shows up with a bag full of bags with doughnuts!! It was awesome. With the mixed bag going on I ended up with the chocolate dipped. I was a good girl and saved it for breakfast the next day. Now I need to go back to try their other flavors.

It was so much fun getting to enjoy wonderful food and company. I would definitely recommend Davanti Enoteca if you're looking for a great brunch place in River North. You need that foccacia in your life.

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