30 Things that Happened in 2007

Looking back is always an interesting thing. Sometimes it's fun looking back at all the good that happened but it can be bittersweet when you see the bad. In January we jumped back five years to see 30 Things that Happened in 2012 now we're jumping back a little further. How 2007 is ten years ago is ridiculous. I can't even fathom it haha. 

The U.S. economy start it's downward movement

Merv Griffin passed away

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
 the seventh and last book in the series is released


Bob Barker retires from The Price is Right, Drew Carey replaces him as the host

Pair Hilton serves 23 days in jail

A report is released accusing 89 retired and active MLB players of steroid use

Britney Spears has her worst year and hairdo ever ... if Britney can survive 2007 you can survive anything.


Windows releases Windows Vista ... and it's awful

A gun man kills 32 people and injured 17 in two separate attacks on April 16 before taking his own life at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

We said good bye to first lady Lady Bird Johnson

The first I-phone graced us with it's presence

Barry Bonds breaks the all time home run record set by Hank Aaron in 1974.

Knocked Up


We received the ability to see the world thanks to Google Maps and their new Google Street View but we all know that the first place we all searched was our own house.

Anna Nicole Smith passes away

The Matthew Shepard Act is passed by the House of Representatives, the first time a gay rights bill was brought to the House floor for a vote

The technology trend continued with the release of the Amazon Kindle.

Lou & Bethany got married!

I graduated college!

What an amazing & crazy year 2007 was! What was your most memorable part of 2007??

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