Saved by the Max

If you've been in Chicago in the past year and aren't living under a rock you've heard of Saved by the Max. Saved by the Max is a Saved by the Bell themed pop up restaurant located in Wicker Park. Becky and I talked about making a reservation but every time they extended the run the reservations filled up within the first half an hour! 

So when Becky and I had our downtown day in January we thought we'd try to just walk in. The say on the website that there are a certain number of walk ins per evening. We ended up getting to the restaurant at 4:50 and I figured we were too late to get in. Lo and behold we were actually early and the first ones in line!!  

Becky and I had never been first in line for anything before! We felt very cool haha. Since we were first in line we were definitely able to get in for dinner.

The decor was was totally da bomb. Everyone was taking photos with everything and asking everyone else to take photos for them. It was fantastic. I mean just look at all the ridiculously fantastic photo opportunities.

Becky went for The Kelly Kapowski and I had the Bayside Burger. The burger was great, the flavor of the patties was delicious and cooked perfectly. I would definitely go back for that burger.

I cannot say how awesome the photo opportunities were. We had a blast taking photos of everything. Let's be honest I know you're really just scanning the post for the photos.

Becky and I are super happy that we just went for it and tried to walk in. I would highly recommend checking out the reservations (if you're ok eating and 9pm!) or getting there when the restaurant opens to score that walk in spot. Well worth it!

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