Museum Hack Tour

**I was given a free tour in exchange for a review. All views and thoughts are my own.**

A few years ago a company broke on to the museum scene in New York and totally started to change the tour scene. That company is Museum Hack. After hearing about them taking the museums in New York by storm I was super excited that they finally made their way to the third coast! Even more excited to actually go on one of their Art Institute tours with Becky, 

We started off the tour with a a resounding start! Then we took off right away on a brisk Chicago commuter pace led by our guide Mark. Our first stop was one of my favorite pieces, the Frank Lloyd Wright window. Mark started off our tour just as I had hoped by telling us all of the juicy back stories. We heard all about Frankie boy and his crazy hi-jinx throughout the years.

Mark took us to pieces that I probably would have overlooked most days. Like the little monkey figurines below. I had just been in Art Institute a couple of weeks before and I remember walking by and not even giving them a second glance. The stories that Mark told us about them were fantastic. Then when we picked our favorite instrument and gave a three second symphony was even better but the looks that a lady gave us as she walked by was the most fantastic part of the whole thing!

I even saw more in pieces that I really like in a whole new light like Greyed Rainbow. 

Things took a turn for the interesting when we found Mark's twin in the modern wing. As you can see the twin is ready to take over and leave Mark in a pod ...

By far the craziest part was when we had our own dance party in the modern wing. We all fanned out and made our own dance moves based on the titles of various pieces of art. It was pretty hilarious. I personally think Becky's move looked more like the shot and not the coffee mug but that's just me.

At the beginning of the tour we were tasked with finding our soul mates. It was put out that no one had ever captured a real human soul mate so obviously I accepted that challenge. His name is Bob and we're in love.

One of the most surprising parts of the tour is seeing a whole entire room at a museum you've been to a numbers of times that you had no idea existed. The Tadao Ando room. The screens in the room were gorgeous and it is the perfect room to get away from everything and reconnect with yourself. I will be visiting that room again now that I know it's there!

All in all Museum Hack definitely delivered on the wild and crazy museum tour they promised. I look forward to seeing them expand in Chicago and hack more museums!

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