Celebrating Valentine's Day on a Spending Frost

Going on a spending frost can be tough especially when you have a holiday like Valentine's day during the same month. Here are some tricks I've learned along the way the past couple of years.

1. Up your grocery game
The grocery stores offer lots of great deals for the fancier things right around Valentine's day, like filet and lobster tales. Instead of heading out to a restaurant and paying three times as much you can get the ingredients for a fabulous dinner and spend the night at home. It could be a chance to get out of your cooking comfort zone

2. Earn money to cover it
So maybe you're not a cook it at home type person and you still really want to go out to celebrate with your significant other. Earn some extra money through means like Swagbucks or online surveys to cover your night out. That way you're spending the money you've just earned and not taking it from your normal accounts.

3. Gift card it
I know I'm not the only one who has random gift cards just hanging out in their wallet. Pull those babies out and have dinner on yourself and whomever gave you that gift card that's been taking up space in your wallet for four years.

4. Find a deal
In an effort to get people through the door so many restaurants offer great deals. Places offer multi course dinners, deals for two and so many other offers. It's a great way to get a little more bang for your buck. There is always Groupon and Living Social for deals as well. There are so many ways to knock down the cost of dinner.

5. Plan for it
One the traits of our spending frost is looking at our calendars and if there is already something on them planning and budgeting for it ahead of time. For instance I knew that Kevin and I wanted to go out for dinner for Valentine's so I earned enough money through Swagbucks to cover 3/4 of the bill and then set aside money for the rest.

6. Skip it
Maybe you just skip doing anything crazy big this year. You can save doing something special for a another time. Just hang out at home and chill out. Sometimes it can be just as satisfying to relax and not put pressure on yourself to doing something big and over the top.

What tips and tricks to do have for celebrating any occasion during a spending frost?

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