Swagbucks Tips & Tricks

As I submit my points for another $50 gift card from Swagbucks I really start to think about the few things I do to really rack up the points. There are other tricks that I'm sure are out there if you have the time and want to put in a ton of effort but with being so busy I've always got so much happening. These are tips and tricks that I use to maximize my earnings.

1. Download the Swagbucks TV app so you can have the videos playing on your phone. When you're at home or somewhere with Wi-Fi just start the videos and let them play through. This will allow you to reach your daily allotment on the app.

2. Continuing on about the videos! You can save some of your favorites aka the shorter videos. Then you can have the app just run through those videos and not waste time on the long ones. Some of the shortest videos are the health ones.

3. With the Swagbucks app (different from the TV app) you'll get notification of when there is a Swagbucks code. Those codes are usually 3-5 point freebies! The only work involved is looking them up and plugging them in.

4. Surveys are your new bff. I've come to realize that the earlier in the day I can do surveys the more I will actually be able to complete and not have them be full. Even if I'm able to check right after work and before the evening hits there always seems to be a good chance.

5. Check before you shop. This is a big one because it can really add up points wise. If you're one to forget download the extension for your browser of choice. When you start to shop it will pop up if there is cash back and you'll be able activate it without going through the website every time. 

6. Invite your friends. I really like sharing the link with people. I know that peoples reasons are different, some people just want a little extra money or some people might really need the money to pay bills. I've been able to add a couple hundred extra bucks the past few months. It's been nice to be able to buy one really nice pair of sandals instead of a couple cheap ones for the summer and stuff like that.

7. Hit your base daily goal every day! This gets you bonus points at the start of the next new month. It's better if you can get to the bonus goal and get more bonus points but I try to at least hit 

8. Print off grocery coupons. I print a lot of coupons from online sources already but when you go through them on Swagbucks you're printing off the same ones but getting extra points when you redeem those. My theory is if you're going to print them anyways make them do double duty and get points!

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