Disney Drinks

Taking on certain 101 List tasks has been more difficult than I expected. There are several task I thought would be quickly crossed off, one of those was concocting the three Disney inspired drinks. Much to my surprise it was actually a task that require some new skill learning.

Inspired by several info graphics I had pinned to my Drink, Drank, Drunk Pinterest board Stephanie started the ball rolling at my birthday. She came prepared for us all to enjoy the Lilo and Stich inspired Ohana Colada. A fun blue cocktail complete with yummy gummy worms you can't really go wrong with that right?

Look at that beautiful cocktail! We did really well for a fancy birthday cocktail didn't we? Since most everyone had to drive that evening we ended up with the extra booze in our fridge. Obviously we all know how cheap I can be and I'm not about to just buy booze for two more drinks when Stephanie already hooked me up.

We decided to go simple with the next cocktail and partake in the Fair Maiden, inspired by Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs. We already had the Blue Curacao so purchasing the pineapple juice for the drink was an easy, cheap addition.

This photo is of I think my 8th go at these drinks. I thought that the liquids had different densities or something so I thought that they would just naturally layer themselves as I poured the Curacao over the juice. HA. That sooo did not happen. It made a really pretty, deliciously mixed green cocktail but not one that resembled Snow White.

So tried several different courses of action. I put it in a little mini pouring measure cup, I tried spooning it on top, among a couple other attempts. Those methods weren't terrible they actually resulted in something that was quite similar to this drink. The ah ha moment came from my visit to South Bend when we had drinks with Becky's friend who happened to be the drinks expert at the paper. Yes part of her job is to write about drinking.

Her recommendation of pouring slowly over the over turned bowl of the spoon was life changing. It resulted in the beautiful blue and yellow concoction you see before you. Next I moved on to the Sleep Cycle inspired by Sleeping Beauty! Did you really think I was going to do a Disney challenge like this and not have one of them be Sleeping Beauty related? Unlikely.

We first tried this drink with mini bottles of a different kind of blue and pink liquor but those did not work out at all. When it comes to making it look right go with the top shelf! Since I already knew the trick for making the distinctive layers it was super easy to finish this delicious cocktail and cross it off my list!

Have you ever made any Disney inspired cocktails? What's your favorite cocktail in general to make at home?

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