A House Tour through our Walls

I know a lot of bloggers enjoy doing tours of their houses to share on their blogs for a personal look into their lives. I thought about that but that would require me to actually having the entire apartment cleaned and organized all at once. If you know me that it quite a feat, one which I am still working to accomplish! Since I knew I probably wouldn't be able to accomplish that I set myself to thinking of what the next best this would be. 

A look at our walls! I feel that the walls are the perfect place to show your personality and fun but it's out of the way and not taking up room. 

I love the gallery wall Kevin put up when we moved in. As you can see the G on the upper right is a lovely share a blue ... it started out a bright turquoise!!

A couple years ago I made the Glenn sign at a local Color Me Mine as a gift for Kevin for an anniversary. It does seem like most of the tiles are about Kevin but I used scenes that represent both of us and our enjoyments.

That moment when you realize that your photos are totally askew! Whoops.

This photo collage is the gift Kevin gave me for our first Christmas together. I remember being impressed that he thought of the idea all on his own and carrying it out without any help from his mom or anyone else!

So the above collage was Kevin's first present to me, this was my first to Kevin. While I was interning at the Chicago History Museum they had a sale of images that were printed but never sold and other such items. When I saw this early photo of Soldier Field I knew it would be perfect!

Before our wedding I showed a close family friend a Disney fine art painting that I was in love with. Much to our surprise she painted us our own inspired by that one. It feels very adult to have our own one of a kind piece of artwork.

We have a number of other wall art pieces and photos hanging all over the place, I think the post would be twice as long if I shared them all! The last one I want to share is by far my favorite piece of wall art. For our wedding my mom and I made a photo collage of Kevin and I with a large piece of mat around the edge that served as our guest book. I absolutely love walking by every day and seeing the love of family and friends.

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