5 Elements of a Good Mix CD

If you grew up in the 80's you spent a lot of time waiting to record songs off the radio to make that perfect mix tape. If you grew up in the 90's you took a great amount of time to make that perfect mix CD. You didn't have to wait by the radio anymore but it was just as much of an art. As the music snob lover that I am I was always one to make sure that every mix CD was perfect.

1. Theme
Even in my younger years I was all about themes. Picking the right theme to a CD is crucial. It could be something easy like "Soundtracks" but if you get into more cerebral types of themes, "Sappy Songs" & "High School Memories" those will take some more thought.

2. Mood
This goes along with Theme somewhat. You want to make sure you know the mood of your mix CD. It doesn't really apply to certain CD, say you're doing a "Sappy Songs" CD well that's a pretty obvious mood so no need to worry about it with that one. If you're doing other themes such as "Broadway Musicals" you'll want to decide if you add the slow sometimes sad songs and vary the mood or if you want to keep it uptempo the entire time.

3. Deciding on Songs
Obviously this is the most important aspect of a mix CD. You'll want to make sure you spend plenty of time time deciding on the right songs. Don't just pull together songs that might fit the theme and plunk them on the CD. That's how you end up with a CD where you only like two songs and always skip through the rest of them. I know I for one have more than enough CDs where I didn't actually take time to decide on a good song and now can't even stand half of the CD.

4. Order
If you're the type of person who listens to their CDs on random, like I do, then feel free to skip this one. If you listen to a CD straight through then be sure to make sure that the songs are in a good order for your listening. Be sure to start and end the CD with good songs too, you want them to have punch!

5. Name It
Get creative with this! Don't just be lame and describe the type of music on the CD go crazy and make it a name that means something!

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