2017 is the Year of ...


The past few years have been all over the place for me with lots of changes. Kevin went from a stressful job environment to a wonderful one, our social life totally changed, we lost my dad, added a new member to the family and so many other changes. 

2015 turned into a year that I really focused on our families and we tried to spend as much time with both of our families as we could. Boy did we ever spend lots of time with them! With Lane being just born it was great, we saw so many of the changes happen in real time. 2016 I set forth to make sure that it was the year of friends. While we hadn't totally ignored our friends in 2015 we weren't as there as I would have liked. I made sure that whenever possible we did something with friends and I was saying yes to almost everything I could with my friends.

Since there have been these major changes in our life and with many others I feel that the past few years I've lost myself. Now I'm not blaming it on the fact that I've focused on family and friends the past few years. I'm talking about how at some point the past couple of years I used to be more sure of myself than I am now, both in personal and professional instances . Things that used to be more of a priority, like being healthier and working out, have fallen completely by the wayside. 

You might have noticed that this past year I haven't been posting as much. So many times this year I've just gotten into a funk and even though there is lots to share and say I can't seem to say it. 

I'm over it. 

I'm over getting bogged down and letting myself feel bad about myself in multiple areas of my life. 2017 is the year I'm going to get back to myself. I'm focusing on myself and what I want. 

With that being said I am going to make sure to spend time with family and friends because that is something that is important to me and makes my life whole. Didn't want anyone thinking that I'm going to be sitting at home muttering to myself "it's all about me". 

So bring it on 2017 I'm ready to go!

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