The Field of Screams Murder Mystery Scavenger Hunt by Watson Adventures

** I approached Watson Adventures to write a post in exchange for a free ticket to their scavenger hunt. All opinions are my own**

Earlier this spring Kevin tried to surprise me for my birthday with an awesome cultural thing he discovered. Unfortunately it didn't end up working out but I thought it would be great for us to do in the future. What is this awesome mystery culture thing you say? Watson Adventures! Watson Adventures is a company that specializes in fun and crazy scavenger hunts that take place in museums and other cultural locations. For public tours you can find them in seven major U.S. cities but private and corporate tours can take place almost anywhere!

Watson Adventures was really great to work with. I had some issues with the first date we booked and they were great about working with me and rescheduling for a later date. Of course I picked the one that was at the Field Museum!

So finally this past weekend we headed downtown to meet up with the rest of our fellow hunters. As we hopped on to a jam packed bus we quickly realized that the green clad people we saw in the north part of the Loop weren't just out to the pubs, they were all heading to Soldier's Field for the rugby match. This made for a stressful start to the tour, we ended up hopping off the bus before we even hit the part and hoofed it to the south side of the Field Museum. We ended up being late and a couple of the other participants were late as well. This made for a rushed and somewhat flustered start to our hunt.

Since everyone was slightly flustered because of the crazy we started off the hunt somewhat confused. Working together Kevin and I quickly got the hang of what we were supposed to do. So we were off!

Even though at first Kevin was a little "oh my gosh she's dragging me on another museum/cultural thing" he quickly got into it. We ended up zipping around the permanent exhibits at the Field Museum. Having interned there for three years helped a little bit when looking for specific artifacts in the exhibits but even without that previous knowledge Watson Adventures spells out in the directions quite well where you're supposed to go.

There is always time for a selfie with Sue!

Working our way through questions to help us figure out the answers to the mystery we worked together, argued a little and figured out most of them! We headed back and met up with the other groups. Surprisingly even though we didn't figure out two of the more important questions we still came in second place. The winning couple had participated in several of the other Watson Adventures (which they said were awesome and I can't wait to try them) so I'm not entirely sure they weren't ringers .... just saying .... : )

The adventure ended with more chaos in the Stanley Field Hall since they were setting up for a wedding. This threw everyone off their game and I don't remember our guide actually telling us in the end who the killer was!?

Kevin and I both had a BLAST on our Field of Screams Murder Mystery Scavenger Hunt by Watson Adventures. I'm totally all about doing another. One of the best parts of Watson Adventures is that so many of them are inside. Which means when it's below freezing in Chicago this winter you can enjoy an awesome Chicago moment without freezing your butt off.  Seriously this is a great one of a kind experience.

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