Taking the Fish off the Hook

When I made my new 101 in 1001 list I knew I wanted to let Kevin pick one of the list items. He's always bugging me about doing certain things, one of which is how I never take a fish off the hook. I'll put the worm on the hook but get the fish off no way!

Of course when he was informed that he could pick a list item guess what he picked! Yup take the fish off the hook. Our get together in August with Kevin's high school friend was the perfect opportunity for me to check this one off the list. Kevin's friend is not an outdoorsy person but his wife is, so there had been some ribbing the few times we got together on how Kevin would teach him how to fish.

So after much planning and date changing we got together. Niraj learned how to fish and I took 24 fish off the hook!

Kevin had the biggest fish of the day!

There was a family of ducks that were hanging out for a while. It was fun to see them feeding clearly.

The moment of truth!

 Really this photo is just too good not to share haha.

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