Fall 2016 Goals

Life According to Steph

It seems like just yesterday that I made myself my summer goals list. Looking back I actually feel pretty good about how much I got done from that list and my 101 list this summer! I always feel like I can do more on the cleaning and organization list items but it can be difficult with life and what's going on.

Here are my seven goals for the fall. I feel like setting these I can accomplish all of them this time and really be successful this fall!

1. Complete the 60-day challenge

2. Finish cooking one thing out of my comfort zone from each Pinterest board.

3. Make 10 past posts Pinterest friendly

4. Have gifts planned for the 2016-2017 gift season (9/1/2017) listed out for everyone.

5. Secret Goal

6. Get Pampered Chef business materials & products organized.

7. Complete one 101 list item in the three sections where I haven't checked off any (Organize, Blog, Finances)

What are your fall goals? Join the link up!

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