80's Style Canvas Art

​If you haven't noticed yet I really enjoy crafting. Sometimes I'm pretty skilled at it ... sometimes the vision in my head doesn't quite manifest itself as well as it could!

I was inspired by the"Share a Coke & a Song" Lyric Canvas I did earlier this summer to use more of my canvases and the leftover spray paint. With Becky's birthday being the next one I needed a gift for I tried to think of something fun she would like.

Then inspiration in the form of a previous craft I had made occurred. I had made this bowl at a local pottery painting place, Color Me Mine. I thought if I could do with a bowl why couldn't I do it with canvases?

Painters tape
Spray paint
Drop cloth

You can do any size canvas and any color spray paint you like. I had picked the small thin canvases thinking I'd make one of those photos that spans multiple canvases. Same with the color of the paint. Go for all in the same color family or go crazy and do all different colors. Since I already had the orange and purple I thought adding a teal would give it an 80's feel!

1. First off you'll need to develop your pattern on the canvases. The only painters tape we could find was the thick stuff so since the canvases were smaller I cut it in half. Go crazy with the pattern! If you're doing multiple canvases you can stretch the tape from one to the other if you want.

2. Prep your space outside. Be sure to cover the ground if you don't want to get paint on it!

3. Go crazy!! I tried to make different shapes and did some light and darker sprays.

4. Remove the tape and enjoy your masterpiece!

Becky sent me a photo later the same night she got home of the canvases up on the wall! They turned out perfectly and I think I need to get more to make my own.

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