Lunch in Oz Park with West Elm & Snap Kitchen

This weekend I finally was able to join other members of the Windy city Blogger Collective for an event. Earlier in the weekend is got the invite for a summer lunch in Oz Park located in the Lincoln Park neighborhood. The lunch was hosted by West Elm Chicago and Snap Kitchen.

I thought this was going to be a casual picnic get together but was stunned at the beautiful decor and spread. West Elm Chicago went all out with the beautiful tables and the fun seating area. 

I loved the hurricane lamps with the flameless candles. They were beautiful. Unfortunately in our house we try and stay away from glass since Kevin tends to knock it over at some point and usually break or chip it! There are a couple friends who I know would love them though.

Like the decor, the food was anything but typical picnic. Snap Kitchen brought out a lovely spread of salads and sandwiches. 

As I usually do when I encounter such a delicious looking spread, I made sure to get a little taste of everything. My favorite was the Summer Fling salad which I paired with their vinaigrette with chopped almond crusted chicken. The salad doesn't usually pair with that dressing but I thought it was a perfect match. I found out that in addition to the Chicago locations there is one out in Naperville as well. Will definitely be adding it to the family's to try list.

The hibiscus lime tea they sent me off with was the perfect refresher for the rest of the afternoon.

Saturday in the park with West Elm Chicago, Snap Kitchen and other Windy City Bloggers was a great way to spend part of the day!

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