Lincoln Park Zoo

I shared the dinner at Chicago Brauhaus part of our Triple B day but that was just part of the fun! We ended up avoiding the Loop because of Lollapalooza and went up to Lincoln Park Zoo. The Lincoln Park Zoo sits in the Lincoln Park neighborhood right in the middle of Lincoln Park (the actual park). The zoo can trace it's start all the way back to 1868 with a pair of swans!!

Since then the zoo grew by leaps and bounds and has also been home to many animals including the famous Bushman. One of the best parts of the Lincoln Park Zoo is the fact that there is no admission cost!! So we definitely took advantage of that. 

I loved that it looks like the monkeys are holding tails.

Throughout the year the Lincoln Park Zoo hosts a number of different events but the most popular (at least in my opinion!) is ZooLights. Each winter Lincoln Park Zoo is decked out with fabulous lights all over the place. It is truly a magical winter wonderland.

This sign was everywhere! For some reason we found it hilarious .. I can't quite remember why! The hippo below was amazing. He swam right up to the window and looked like he was all about hanging out with us and the kids.

As I get into Snapchat (@MuseumFanatic) more and more I've really enjoyed finding the unique filters that spring up everywhere. While we were enjoying the crazy hippo this AMAZING filter popped up in this one two foot radius.

The Lincoln Park Zoo is a great place to enjoy wildlife right in the middle of the city!

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